Tuesday, August 28, 2007


In a statement released recently, Duke President Richard Brodhead announced that he had reappointed Joe Alleva as director of Athletics.

Alleva was retained in light of an extensive report generated this summer by a nine-person review committee comprised of Trustees, alumni and faculty and, in spite of, the horrific mess he helped make of the Duke Lacrosse scandal. For some reason, the Duke Chronicle felt compelled to tell us that this committee of suck-ups was chaired by Trustee Emeritus Harold Yoh, Engineering '58.

According to the Chronicle, over 150 people commented to the committee on Alleva's job performance, said John Burness, vice president for public affairs and student relations. (Something tell us Mike Pressler wasn’t one of the 150…)

Brodhead said "the emphasis on the integrity that [Alleva] has infused in our programs and the central place he gives to the idea of scholar-athletes" was the key factor in granting the director of athletics the five-year extension afforded by the reappointment.


Alleva has been a member of the Department of Athletics since 1980 . What he said: "I am excited and honored to be reappointed as the director of this outstanding athletic department," Alleva said in a statement. "We have made tremendous progress over the past nine years and there is much more to do."

What he meant: "It's a freakin miracle I still have a job."

In Alleva's tenure, Duke has won six national championships, 44 ACC championships and has produced 147 All-Americans. Yet there have been several highly publicized issues that affected the department profoundly, from a steroid scandal in 2005 to the circumstances surrounding the lacrosse case.

"The situation of college athletics is changing rapidly and in challenging ways," Brodhead said. "We want to be foresightful in being prepared for these changes. Besides, who really gives a s&%# about Mike Pressler?"

Yes, he actually said “foresightful.”

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