Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yesterday in Richmond, Michael Vick pleaded guilty. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for December 10th.

What we learned yesterday: Mr. Vick has a fiancee. Our guess is she is way pissed off. Hmmm...jail and an angry woman. Nice, Mike, NICE!

Here's what Mike Wilbon and Mike Wise had to say in today's Post. Both nice pieces.

Wilbon - It was good to hear Vick apologize unconditionally, for not just what he did but what he facilitated. It was good to see the same man who has presumed all along he was bulletproof and completely outside the law show what appeared to be actually humility. I didn't think Michael Vick had that kind of performance left in him, to be quite honest.

Wise -
Ookie was gone. The alter ego of Bad Newz Kennels, the brutal benefactor who perpetrated animal cruelty, disappeared before a phalanx of cameras and microphones. On the day he pleaded guilty to a dogfighting conspiracy charge, an ashen-faced Michael Vick, his eyes moist, stood before a no-nonsense judge in a mahogany-walled Virginia courtroom.

"Guilty," he said, solemnly.

The cocksure, blinging Pro Bowler who once boasted of his impending exoneration was nowhere to be found. Along with the diamond-stud earrings. The scully. The cornrows.


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