Monday, August 27, 2007


In a poll released early Monday morning by Sports Illustrated Kids magazine, the Fauquier 5-6 Pee Wee Broncos are the number one team in the Five- and Six-Year-Old Pee Wee/Instructional Football League National Championship Series Poll (56PWIFLNCS). The Broncos received both votes for the coveted top spot. ESPN and the AP polls both also placed the Broncos at the top of the heap.

Bronco head coach Chris Pearson attributed his team’s lofty national status to “talent and Toly Hansbrough.” Hansbrough (pictured right with Jack "Atwater"), the highly recruited basketball player who has already signed a letter of intent to attend the University of North Carolina for the fall of 2020, is an impact player mostly off the field.

“Toly has mad skills,” said Pearson, “but it’s not what he does on the field (which is mostly stand around and stare into space when he isn’t trash talking some kid twice his size), it’s more about his leadership and what he does off the field.”

According to Pearson, the Broncos, who defeated the Steelers 5 touchdowns to 3 in Saturday’s opener, rely on Toly’s Rocknesque motivation techniques. “The way he sits on the sidelines and throws dirt at his teammates – you can’t teach that, that’s God given talent.”

Late in the game, with the Broncos tiring and the Steelers attempting to rally, Toly motivated his teams’ final goal line stand by turning his back to them while perfecting the art of standing on his helment on one foot.

“That subtle helmet move late in the game?” Pearson said, “Pure genius. That iced it.”

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