Friday, July 13, 2007


So this genius – Andre Tolme – decides to golf Mongolia. We can't even imagine where the idea for this one came from, but…

Yes, Mongolia. All of it. From Choybalsan in the east, to Dund-Us in the west. What's it all about? Here's Tolme's description:

“Golf Mongolia is an extraordinary expedition where I walk 1,320 miles (2,100 km) across the country of Mongolia while hitting a golf ball. Some may call this extreme golf, adventure expressionism, or just plain crazy, but one thing is certain; this has never been done before and may never be done again. The country has been divided into 18 holes which follow dirt tracks, rivers, and nomadic herding trails from east to west across the land once ruled by Genghis Khan.”

So, how big a golf course does Mongolia make? Well, divided into eighteen holes, it is 2,322,000 yards long. What's par? Oh, just 11,880 strokes. At one point ¾ of the way through, Tolme had completed 14 holes over 82 days (and 969 miles) of golfing. He had swung his trusty 3-iron a total of 9503 times, which puts him just 135 strokes over par. The bad news: he's lost a total of 481 balls. Hope they have plenty of curdled yak milk on tap at the 19th hole when this guy gets done...

We don’t know how it ended up, and we are still questioning his choice of a 3-iron, but what do we know?

Hey Andre, they have this new fangled gadget called a golf cart. If you can keep it fueled up with gas or electricity, this marvel of modern technology will haul your big dumb ass all the way across the continent. Check it out next time.

Tolme took this little jaunt in 2005. Hs feet still hurt…

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