Tuesday, July 24, 2007


A spokesman for the ACC’s basketball officials has contacted ACC Commissioner John Swofford to announce that they are looking for a “substantial raise” prior to the 2007-2008 hoop season.

At a press conference this morning, Swofford said the letter from the officials was “short and sweet” and that their justification for higher wages were simply that “we don’t gamble on the games and we don’t cheat.” According to Swofford, the letter said, “We run a tight ship. We call them like we see them except when it comes to Duke. We give them some slack because Krzicjvhbdk8ski is a mean S.O.B. and he makes all those weird faces which, quite frankly, are a bit disconcerting. Other than that we never vary off the line.”

During the same annual wide-ranging news conference Tuesday, Swofford also said the ACC has performed background checks for the past year on game officials in three sports in an effort to prevent gambling scandals like the one faced by the NBA. Swofford said the checks were approved by university presidents two years ago and began last year on officials in football and men's and women's basketball.

None of the officials investigated showed any warning signs that might have led to a removal from officiating games.

"There wasn't anything that we saw that concerned us, that stimulated our belief that we should take this route," Swofford said. "But this whole issue of gambling is so prevalent in our society. ... We just simply want to do everything we can proactively to have that kind of integrity in our officials as well as our student-athletes."

He said the ACC wants to avoid the gambling scandal faced by the NBA. Former referee Tim Donaghy is under federal investigation for allegedly betting on games he officiated. Authorities are examining whether Donaghy made calls to affect the point spread in games on which he or associates had wagered thousands of dollars over the past two seasons.

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