Thursday, June 7, 2007


You thought we were kidding, but that is a beer bottle in Billy Donovan’s left hand in this photo.

Here’s what actually happened. Back in May, the former Providence Friar co-captain was having a few brews with his mentor Rick Pitino. The conversation turned to “how to make tons of money” without following the “Larry Brown Nomad Method” and hop scotching from job-to-job a la Mr. Brown…or Pitino for that matter.

The savvy ex-Terrier, ex-Friar, ex-Knick, ex-Celtic, ex-Rainbow Warrior and ex-Orangemen explained to Donovan that the key to a huge contract without changing jobs was to utilize a move now known in the coaching ranks as a “Krzyghvbnfd5ski.” Unfortunately, Billy was rounding out the 12 pack and he missed the part about not actually signing a contract.

The Magic kindly released Donovan from the $27.5 million deal he signed last Saturday and hired Stan Van Gundy. In Horse racing Fantasy Draft terms that’s sort of like releasing Curlin and hiring Mr. Ed. No wonder the folks in Orlando refer to the team as the “Tragic.”

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