Thursday, June 7, 2007


…and I can prove it.

In the new issue of ESPN magazine there is a story titled SERENA WILLIAMS JUST WANTS TO STOP. It’s about a new reality show called Fast Cars & Superstars (Tonight, ABC, 8:00) which pits teams of celebs against the clock and one another in NASCAR cars.

They just don’t throw Serena, Jewel, John Elway, William Shatner, Bill Cowher, John Salley and others in the cars and say go “rub taarrrrrres,” they actually train them at the Jeff Gordon Driving School at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC. The training starts out with a “ride along” with a Nextel driver with speeds reaching 190 mph. Evidently, Serena kept her eyes closed the entire time.

The article goes on to say: “Nature says that the average man on the street can’t drive in Junior’s shoes, but human nature says that he still wants to try…They always feel like they’re going 190, but few break 130. Skill is skill…”

Enter Young A.T. who at that same track under the tutelage of the Richard Petty Driving School (who else?) was one of the “few” to break 130, topping out at 137 mph.

You go (real fast) girl!

EDITOR’S NOTE: NASCAR stud Ryan Newman says “Once you get over 140, it all pretty much feels the same.” So that explains why 132 is so disconcerting?

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