Thursday, June 14, 2007


Look, we know the USGA has gotten caught up in the “let’s see just how damn hard we can make this” approach to the set up of U.S. Open courses, but this is ridiculous. V.J. Singh told folks after his practice rounds in April, sans the typical Open rough, that the wining score would be somewhere between 10 and 15 OVER!

He may be on to something. Aside from the 7,300+ yards, par 70, the typically tall and tough U.S. Open rough, fast greens and narrow fairways, Oakmont's No. 8 is 288 yards…and it’s a par 3.

Really now?

Sorry, but that’s ridiculous…

Rumor has it John Daly was so pissed about it, he violated his own restraining order and scratched his wife’s face and then stabbed himself.

…and Big John hasn’t even seen the 679 yard par 5.


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