Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Sources close to Billy Donovan, who recently left Florida to coach the Orland Magic only to ask the Magic to release him back to Florida, say the back-to-back National Championship coach has been on a drunken bender since March Madness ended with his second consecutive title on Monday, April 5.

The source said Donovan went out to celebrate the victory over Ohio State and “sort of forgot to come home.” “He was a few cups of coffee shy of actually knowing where he was when he was informed that all his juniors were going pro,” the source said. “That set him off again, and he’s been pounding ‘em ever since.”

Evidently, due to a change in barometric pressure or a shortage of scotch in Florida (we aren’t sure which), Donovan suddenly snapped out of his haze of inebriation on Sunday morning and said, “I did what? Orlando, where? Me, Magic…Huh? Oh, s***!!!!”

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  1. thats a good one. i didnt know he moved to magic. Is probably a good move since there may be more opportunies out there.


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