Thursday, May 24, 2007


HOOLIGANS RETIRE. Terry Last, DJ5 and Stephen Hickmott, three of the top superhooligans in England and members of Liverpool's ‘Nutty Crew,' hold a press conference to announce their retirement. "I'm done with the bloody youngsters," said DJ5, "Besides, once you've carved up an opposing bloke with a razor and tossed from a moving train, there's not much left to do...Besides, I'm tired of coming home from the stadium with blood on my head."

Insiders from say pressure from other groups such as ‘Inter City Firm' (ICF) of West Ham United, the ‘Service Crew' of Leeds, and ‘Gooners' of Arsenal, the ‘Bushwhackers' of Millwall, the ‘Baby Squad' of Leicester and the ‘Headhunters' of Chelsea caused the three superstars of soccer bad boys to pack it in.

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