Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Looks like those pesky regulators out in Kansas have been at it again as Clemson revealed seven NCAA secondary violations last week including an instance in which an athlete's brother received free transportation, lodging and meals from an athletic booster while attending one of his sibling's road games. (Oh, the humanity!!!!)

That was among the two most serious, Level I violations the athletic department reported directly to the NCAA between July 1 and Feb. 1. The names of those involved and the teams were not released, as per school policy.

The athlete whose brother received what the NCAA describes as an "extra benefit" was initially declared ineligible until the governing body restored his status. The NCAA did not make the family repay the cost of the trip due to "documented financial hardship." The athlete was also required to attend weekly rules education meetings with compliance services before completing complimentary ticket forms.

The other Level I violation occurred Jan. 16 when Clemson's compliance office found a coach had granted more financial aid than allowed for a midyear enrollee. The school said the coach incorrectly thought that aid going to an athlete graduating in December would not figure into the team's total for the spring semester. In response to the offense the coach said, “I’m a coach, how the hell am I supposed to know about midyear enrollee’s financial aid? What do I look like, an accountant?”

The coach involved received a letter of reprimand along with a review of NCAA guidelines (which, hopefully, he will never have to read.) The school's compliance office said it would hold a rules education session with all sports reviewing squad lists. (That same office promised to serve beer during the “rules education session.”)

The other five violations were classified as Level II, which are reported to the Atlantic Coast Conference and are defined as "inadvertent, isolated of operating bylaws" of the NCAA – in other words, minor f*** ups.

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