Wednesday, May 23, 2007


About a day late Michael Vick’s lawyer told him to “stop talking…” (Is his lawyer Mrs. Kat?)

Unfortunately, before he stopped there was this exchange with a Fox affiliate in Atlanta. This was originally reported by the Atlanta Constitution-Journal and ESPN with a follow up from The Daily Press (All The Vick That’s Fit To Print) in Tidewater.

“In an interview with the Fox affiliate in Atlanta, the Falcons quarterback was asked about the dogfighting controversy.

Reporter: Are you concerned at all that your image has been tarnished a little or do you feel like that reaction shows that you still have support?

Vick: Man, I still got support. Everywhere I go all around the world people still support Mike.

Vick: So, regardless of what I go through people still gonna love me, man. You know it's all good. I ain't worried about that. My job is to win football games.

Reporter: In the end, will you be exonerated?

Vick: Man, no comment."

No comment? How about: "Yes, Mike is gonna be exonerated. People all around the world still support Mike."

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