Friday, May 25, 2007


CoSIDA and ESPN The Magazine just announced the “At-Large” teams and the ACC was very well represented. Of the 40 kids on the team, 21 are from ACC schools. The SEC has 2, maybe 3. For a complete list of these and others, visit

There are also individual teams for individual sports. So, there is an Academic All-American basketball team for 2006-2007. Number of ACC schools represented? That would be ZERO. Here’s where the nerd geek hoopsters hail from: Cornell, Butler, Iowa, Florida, Western Michigan, Belmont, Southern, North Dakota, Harvard (duh!), Coastal Carolina, Elon, Bowling Green, Wisconsin-Green Bay and Eastern Washington.

Now when they break it down into districts, it’s a completely different story. Number of ACC Schools represented? Absolutely NONE!

Otherwise of note: Lee Humphrey, the sharpshooter from Florida and Justin Baker from Springfield who goes to the University of Mary Washington (Fighting Typists).

Conversly, there are 7 kids from ACC schools on the District 3 Academic All-American football team…

And that is why the ACC is the GREATEST basketball conference EVER.

Any questions?

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