Monday, April 30, 2007


After a one-year hiatus as NFL draft kings, the SEC is once again atop that mountain. NFL teams chose 41 SEC players this weekend, besting the next-nearest conference by nine (the Big Ten had 32 players chosen). Last year, the ACC led all conferences with 51 players chosen, followed by the Big Ten at 41 and the SEC third at 37.

Among non-BCS conferences, the WAC surged from five players chosen in 2006 to an impressive 17 this year. That total was enough to even eclipse BCS-member the Big East which had 16 players chosen.

Finally, 26 players were chosen from outside of D-IA football, up five from the previous year.2007

Draft Data by conference: SEC (41), Big Ten (32), ACC (31), Pac-10 (28), Big 12 (28), WAC (17), Big East (16), Mountain West (9), C-USA (8), MAC (8), Independents/Notre Dame (7), Sun Belt (4).

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