Friday, April 6, 2007


NO, he's not playing at Augusta, but, yes, that is Tom Brady. That's all we're gonna say, but you can fill in the blank. Hmmm, for a guy who's been running around allegedly impregnating actresses and super models, in this photo Tom looks downright ________.

Is "dorky" a word?


  1. Even in his dorkiest, Tom Brady is better looking and more of a man than 99.9% of the men I have seen at Football games or that lurk on the internet.

    He is HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

  2. He looks like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. No wonder he's after supermodel - it's been mentioned that he couldn't get a date in college cuz he was a geek. Now he's got $$$ and 3 rings - he can get anyone he wants.

  3. He gets dates now because he is the IT man! He is hot as hell, sexy as hell and rich as hell. Yeah, most any women I know would hit that...and some men. I think he is so damned gorgeous. Check out GQ from last year and tell me that man couldn't get a date! Gisele could be with any man she wants and this her choice, is that really shocking?!?!?!?


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