Thursday, April 5, 2007


The Masters starts today, and that’s a golf tournament. So, TAH is supposed to be on semi-vacation. Well so much for that thanks to some Wahoo frat boy-jerk art thieves.

Gobble de Art is a community project in Blacksburg featuring 75 fiberglass bird statues put on display as part of a fundraising project. Last month, a group of fraternity pledges from the University (of Virginia) ripped one from its base and hauled it back to Hooville for some unstated purpose. More Zima, please.

The students stole Farmer Hokie, the 120-pound fiberglass bird, from its perch in front of the town's municipal building on March 23. Only its feet remained. Though the UVa. caper, which involved bringing the bird statue back to Charlottesville, has the trappings of a prank, nobody's laughing.

UVa. spokeswoman Carol Wood said about 10 fraternity pledges admitted to a UVa. dean that they took the bird March 23 and will pay $10,000 in damages. The students have returned the statue. Blacksburg police are contemplating charges against the UVa. students because they “are from UVa.” Because of their value, destruction of one of the statues is a felony, said police Lt. Joe Davis.

Diane Akers, the executive director of Blacksburg Partnership, said the Hokie birds were commissioned to make money for the foundation, which promotes economic development in Blacksburg.

"Except for the vandalism, it's been a great project," Akers said. So far, the partnership has made $125,000. (These are all real quotes, but this one is particularly spectacular in that “other than the assassination, did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln” sort of way…)

All the statues damaged by vandals have been repaired, she said.

"Most do love the Hokie bird," she said. "But some people think it's a college prank to damage them. But it's not a prank, it's a felony."

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