Saturday, March 17, 2007


According to AOL Fanhouse's ACC Basketball Blog, VCU's Wil Fameni broke his nose during the Rams win over Duke Thursday night. This marks the 2nd time in three games that Duke has help break an opposing player's nose. This wasn't totally Duke's fault. Fameni was driving to the hoop when he was fouled by David McClure. When Fameni fell, he went face first into teammate Jesse Pellot-Rosa's knee. Ouch.

According to Coach Anthony Grant said Friday that Fameni was getting fitted for a clear facemask, and is hopeful that it will be ready for the player to wear in time for Saturday's game, which starts at approximately 6 p.m. ET. If the clear mask is not ready, Grant said Fameni will have to wear some other type of protection.

(How is a condom gonna help keep his nose from getting whacked again?)

There was blood all over this game, as Duke's Jon Scheyer received a nice cut to his head.

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