Saturday, March 17, 2007


Virginia Tech waited 11 years to get back to the NCAA tournament. Then it took the Hokies more than 39 minutes to find a way to stick around. Deron "Shamrock UpDaButt" McWashington's banked runner in the final minute Friday night helped Virginia Tech rally from a 13-point deficit with just over 8 minutes left and beat Illinois 54-52 in a first-round game in the West Regional.

"It kind of reflects who we are," coach Seth "Potato" O'Greenberg said. "We don't shoot it the straightest, we make easy things difficult. But we just keep on going. We have a resiliency about us." Not to mention those sizzling baggy grey warm up suits. Very Irish indeed.

The winning shot, like this defense-dominated game, was ugly. "I wasn't trying to bank it, but I'll take it," Washington said with a wide grin. (PM 1, THT3 0, TAH-Editor 0). Washington's uncalled bank shot gave the Hokies their first, last and only lead with 47 seconds left on the clock. Why rush into it? Why fess up that you tossed up a rock that turned out to be the game winner?

Illinois (23-12) led by 10 with just over 4 minutes left, but didn't score in the last 4:28 as the Hokies had the last 12 points. The Hokies shot 35% while missing three layups and a dunk. And…as usual…they weren't very good from the free throw line. It's enough to make you want a Guinness for breakfast.

Hey…that's a good idea…

Happy St. Patrick's Day you ever lovin' Hokies! (Don't play like that again!)

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