Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Just as the tournament is winding down and it looks like the news flow is about to lighten up, along comes off-season crime. Why wait until the offseason? Sid, Jr. didn’t.

The son of North Carolina State basketball coach Sidney Lowe faces more than 20 charges, ranging from armed robbery to drug possession, in connection with two separate attacks, authorities said Tuesday. Twenty-year-old Sidney R. Lowe Jr. was charged with nine counts, including a felony of aiding and abetting attempted armed robbery in connection the shooting of a man in a campus dorm Saturday.

Lowe's attorney, Locke “’Em Up” Clifford, police also filed 13 charges against his client in connection with an incident March 16. Clifford said Lowe is charged with six counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, six counts of second-degree kidnapping and one count of assault inflicting serious bodily injury. He said Lowe and another man are accused of going to a house with six people in it and striking one of them on the head with a bottle. In addition, there are other drug related charges as well.

Lowe maintains his innocence. It all sounds like a big “misunderstanding.”

Florida State head football coach Bobby Bowden contacted the Greensboro police and asked, “Can that dad gummed boy throw a football or not?” Bowden was disappointed to learn that he could in fact toss the rock, but that Butch Davis and Frank Beamer had first dibs.

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