Saturday, March 31, 2007


Yo, so is "NIT" short for NITWIT, or what? That's the only plausible explanation after seeing the rather glaring typo on West Virginia's championship T-shirts.

Good thing the Mountaineers won, or those shirts might have ended up in some impoverished nation whose children would end up not knowing how to spell West Virginia, and then America would probably get blamed for imposing our illiteracy on foreign lands or some such. Fortunately, our illiteracy will be staying right here in America, where it belongs (although we're always happy to lease it to the Canadians). Unless, of course, there was also a typo on the Clemson shirts.

So in conclusion, kids, remember: There's no "I" in team -- but there are three of them in West Virginia. -- Paul Lukas – ESPN-Page 2

West Virgina Unversty officals clam that they had nothng to do wth the error, but 'n all likelhood t'was caused by blurred vison as the result of smoke gettng in ther eyes from couch burnng rehearsals conducted pror to the fnal game.

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