Wednesday, March 28, 2007


ACC loyalist grumbled when the Associated Press released its 2006-07 men’s basketball All-American teams on Monday. UNC’s Tyler Hansbrough was on the second team. Of course, ACC folks thought he should have been first team, and many believed Greg Oden had Psycho T’s spot.

Now before you label them sour grape whiners, you should know that the NCAA basketball coaches agreed. The Coach’s Association’s first team was Kevin Durant (Texas), Alando Tucker (Wisconsin), Acie Law IV (Texas A&M), Arron Afflalo (UCLA) and Hansbrough. The AP team was identical except for swapping Oden for Hansbrough.

Statistically, there isn’t much difference. Both played the same number of minutes with Hansbrough averaging 18.4 points per game and Oden 15.4. Oden averaged 9.4 rebounds per game to Hansbrough’s 7.9. Hansbrough is a better free throw shooter and he got to the line more than twice as often while also dolling out more assists. Defensively, Hansbrough had 41 steals to Oden’s 16, but when it came to who was a defensive stalwart, that was easy. Oden had 100 blocked shots – not a misprint ONE HUNDRED! Wow. Hansbrough had 17 and couple of those were by accident.

Boston College’s Jared Dudley, FSU's Al Thornton and UVa’s Sean Singletary also got some love from the voters.

Coach’s Association: Second Team - Nick Fazekas University of Nevada-Reno, Greg Oden Ohio State, Crazy Hair Boy Florida, Jared Dudley Boston College, Al Horford Florida. Third Team - Aaron Gray Pittsburgh , Jeff Green Georgetown, Sean Singletary Virginia, Chris Lofton Tennessee, Julian Wright Kansas

AP: Second Team - Nick Fazekas Nevada, Jared Dudley Boston College, Chris Lofton Tennessee, Crazy Hair Boy Florida and Hansbrough. Third team - Aaron Brooks Oregon, Al Thornton Florida State, Aaron Gray Pittsburgh, Jeff Green Georgetown and Al Horford Florida.

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