Friday, March 16, 2007


Look, everybody from UNC thinks they hate Duke more than anybody else. Just read Will Blythe’s To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever and you will get a glimpse into the most heated rivalry in basketball from the Tar Heel perspective. If you missed the whole nose thing, our condolences ‘cause your either dead or in a Turkish prison.

Enter Maryland. Some Terps started a very funny web site called Check it out today, the background made me laugh out loud. To say they dog the Blue Devils is an understatement.

Now some more Maryland guys have struck a mighty blow. How do we put this…how about, it’s really, really, REALLY funny. Be forewarned ye office folk, there are a bunch of f-bombs at the beginning that may offend co-workers and/or traumatize/delight young children. As of this morning it had been viewed 144,574 times and even the Duke people think it’s hysterical.

You’ve been warned.

Two words: Home (f$#&ing) run.
Kudos to Dr. A.G. Wahoo who hipped us to this fantastic piece of art.

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