Wednesday, March 14, 2007


WARRENTON - Oh, the whining and crying! Let’s start with Drexel. Here’s how it goes: The NCAA selection committee is a bunch of shills for the power conferences, Drexel is good, Drexel should get in, I can’t believe they left Drexel out, the tourney needs more Davids, fewer Goliaths, Gold Bless the underdog, George Mason for president, blah, blah, blah.

So Drexel loses their conference tournament and gets shuffled off to the NIT and one would presume they have a little bit of a chip on their shoulder. They play at home after a nice nine day rest, and they get punked by a team that has played 5 games in SIX days. Count ‘em, FIVE games in SIX days and they have WON FOUR of ‘em. This from a team that finished 5-11 in a power conference which NCAA selection committee critics say is overrated. A team, that can’t catch a break, a team who’s starting point guard has been hurt much of the season, a team that went home long enough to get clean underwear and head off to Philadelphia for last night’s game.

The Dragons are now 0-5 in the NIT.

Way to go N.C. State.

Which lock for the NCAA tourney will puke next? Maybe those basketball nerds locked in a room for 96 hours with every statistic known to man actually know what they are doing?

Now having said all that, we want to advocate expanding the Big Dance by at least 16 teams, if not 32, and give the top seeds a bye – just like the conference tournies do. Why? Because Florida A&M, among others, shouldn’t keep a team out if they are among the top 64 – like Florida State, which also easily won their NIT opener. We aren’t picking on Florida A&M, they just conveniently make the point – they lost to Maryland 93-54, so you’ll be hard pressed to convince us they’re better than the Wolfpack, Noles or Tigers. It’s great that the little schools can play their way in by winning their conference, but why not expand the tournament so there are 31 automatic bids and 51 at large (instead of 34). Let ‘em play, and we get another week of hoop.

Of course, the idiots at the NCAA will say they don’t want to compromise the student athletes by asking them to play another week. After all, they’ve only been playing basketball since October, so another week will probably cause some kind of academic implosion. Good point.

Our bad. Yesterday while putting the mantel of reality on Old Dominion in an email to CC Nation, we insulted the Marist Red Foxes. Could be because we think famous alum Bill O’Rielly is a tool. Nonetheless, they went into Oklahoma State last night and gave the Cowboys a rare home loss. You want to see a bunch of kids pass the ball like it’s nuclear waste material, check out Marist when they next play N.C.State. Hibachi!

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