Friday, March 16, 2007


Thank you, Boston College and VCU. Our guess is VCU didn’t bust up many brackets as lots of folks were betting against Duke. Seems like the media ironically took some delight in their early(?) exit. Here’s a sample of headlines:

"Out-Duked" – Sportsline

"Duke Done Early" – ESPN

"Duke who? It's VCU!" – ESPN

"Coach K-Od" – FoxSports

"Feeling Blue" – MSNBC

"Silenced by the Rams" – SI

"VCU shuffles past Duke, springs first round surprise" - USA Today

"Blue be-Deviled" - Yahoo Sports

"VCU Later" – TSN

We kind of like "Silenced by the Rams." John Scheyer got popped on the eye by a Kobesque follow through by Eric Maynor who made the eventual cold-blooded game winner with 1.8 seconds left in the game. The Sportz Assasin over at AOL FanHouse said this:

“Most everyone didn't miss the irony in this, as a Duke player gets his face bloodied just 11 days after Duke's Gerald Henderson dropped his elbow into Tyler Hansbrough's beak. Hansbrough has been playing with a protective mask ever since. No word if Scheyer will need a mask since ... wait ... I'm getting word that it won't be necessary: Duke's next game isn't for another 7 months.”

That’s rich, he’s stealin’ our stuff!

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