Saturday, March 10, 2007


It turns out that the St. Pete Times Forum is 868 miles from the $130 million John Paul Jones Arena, and that distance turned out to be too much for the humidity sensitive Wahoos to overcome. Worse yet, Tampa is a mere 1,232 miles (1,983 km) (1,071 nautical miles) from the feared and loathed Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. As a result, all the higher seeds won yesterday except the Cavs who continue their ill-timed late season swoon losing their third of four season ending games. Worse yet, the losses have been at the hands of the last place Criminalcanes, the next to last place Demon Deacons and now the third to last Wolfpack.

Rumor has it that the ACC is considering revising head coach Dave "Trampled Under Foot" Leitao's Coach of the Year award to Coach of January and The First Three Weeks of February award. On the plus side, the Cavs were honored with the TAH Hand Soap Dispenser Award for making a big mess of the bracket. The banner hanging ceremony will be held next season during halftime of the Sisters of the Poor State - Galax game.

Gavin "Please No, Not Another Romantic Comedy Starring Hugh" Grant scored nine of his 20 points in the final two minutes and NC State rallied from a 14-point halftime deficit to pull off its second straight upset, a 79-71 victory over No. 24 UVa on Friday night.

"We are extremely disappointed," said Rex Grossman, the newly hired Director of Tourism/Hotel and Restaurant Division for the Tampa/St. Pete area. "Our restaurants and bars really stocked up on tons of Zima. What are they gonna do with all that crap now?"

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  1. I like your Chris Bermanesque penchant for assigning nicknames.

    I think in light of last week's mugging of Hansbrough by Gerald Henderson (shortly after a needless and suspicious Duke time-out), Mike Krazyshefski should hereafter be called Mike "Sweep the Leg Johnny!" Krazyshefski.

    Or Sensei Kreese-ashefski.


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